Faith that can move…

Faith that can move mountains.

An unanswered prayer.

 It’s the dichotomy of faith many Christians encounter. At times our prayers may begin with that child-like faith that boldly proclaims “God can do it,” even when it seems foolish. We step out into confidence knowing and believing that God can and God will. But the storms of life start pounding against us, heavier and thicker, and before you know it that faith has been chipped away leaving you tattered and broken, questioning the outcome of an unanswered prayer – or so we think.

 Listen friend, God is doing so much more than you and I understand!

 In reading Daniel chapter 10, we can see that Daniel continued to fast and pray, steadfast in faith, regardless that it seemed his prayers were going unanswered. Then, after Daniel had an incredible encounter  (Daniel 10:5-21), he was shown a vision, given strength, encouraged, and advised of this truth: “Do not be afraid. Since the FIRST DAY that you set your mind to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard …”

 It’s a truth we forget, or worse yet, a truth we stop believing in as our prayers seemingly go unanswered and life doesn’t get any better. Yet when you consider this story of faith, God was always working on behalf of Daniel, and heard his prayers since the first time he opened his mouth.

 His ways are not our ways; His thoughts are not our thoughts. What we face can be constant battles and struggles against trials, short-comings, and insecurities, but fear not – He always has a plan! God loves us so much more than we can understand. A love deeper than the depths of the ocean, and with an unmerited grace that covers us all.

 God’s strength is made evident in our weakness. When we come to the end of our rope, He is there to help pick us back up. When we fall to our knees in exhaustion or disbelief, His strength brings us to our feet. Why? While I wouldn’t try to tell you “why” you’re going through a trial, there is one thing I know: when God intervenes on your behalf, there is no way you can claim overcoming on our own merit.

 Take heart! He has heard your prayers since the first time you spoke them. Stand as boldly in faith as Daniel, and in the moment of your greatest weakness, God will reveal Himself to be the strength and courage you need to continue. Stand in faith. – Anthony Kendig 

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